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God Is Providing For The Children!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Less than two weeks ago we put up a post about the life-changing role a basic education can play for the poorest of the poor Haitian children. At that time we had approximately 40 sponsored children out of the almost 200 in the Merci’ de Dieu (Thanks to God) Village.

Today, we have FIFTY-TWO! Only 28 more sponsorships to go for us to meet our goal of 80 children! Will you help us reach this life-changing goal?

We understand the great responsibility we have to be an effective steward of your donations. In fact, Child Sponsorship money goes directly to the child(ren) you sponsor. Mercy International is just a conduit for you to send your help directly to a desperate Haitian.

We take care to pick the applicants with the best grades or those who have not had an opportunity to go to school.

Often, the poorest of the poor in Haiti feel forced to send their children away to relatives, orphanages or even give them away as a child servant. Families in Merci’ de Dieu Village who had previously sent their children away in the past are overjoyed to bring their children home. They are so grateful to care for their children, put a roof over their heads, and be together as a family once again.

So often, it’s the tangible help we give that speaks the loudest about the love of Christ. 

Now we have another opportunity to help these desperate parents by helping them send their children to school.

It is only $25 per month to sponsor a child ($300 per year). You can donate through our website.

We will keep you updated on reaching our goal. With God’s blessing, we will bring good news to 80 Haitian children on our trip in July!

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