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Our connection with Africa originated when Dr. John received a heartfelt request from his 10-year-old granddaughter, who aspired to embark on a missionary journey to Africa with her. Following that initial visit to Africa, his affection and commitment to the continent have consistently expanded and deepened. Dr. John has always affirmed that when he encounters a need, he feels compelled to take action and this trip to a country in much need was no different. 


Mercy International now actively supports the ministry led by Pastor James and his wife, Janet (names have been changed for security reasons). Learn more about the dedicated pastor overseeing our Africa Ministry and the remarkable work being carried out in the region.

Pastor James and Janet are blessed with three children under 10 years old. Pastor James said, “I came to Jesus in 2004whenmy primary school teacher shared Christ’s love with me. When these teachers came to our village little did, we know they were also Kenyan missionaries. As a Muslim background believer, my journey has not been easy.


Those teachers started discipling me without telling my parents. After one year the community and my parents discovered that I was following Jesus and tarted threatening me. They sent me to a boarding school in a totally Muslim community. As they noticed I was attending church, they started persecuting me. One night they came and beat me and burned all my belongings, even my books and clothes. I left the school and went home. In three weeks, my Christian teachers helped me enroll in a Christian school in Nairobi. The next year I joined a teachers' college and after six months returned home to teach other children. A year later God called me into the ministry, and I attended Bible College graduating in 2010. It was then that God directed me to return to my community. This was a difficult decision for me because they had persecuted me and did not want me there again.”

James continued, “Finally, I obeyed God and started the ministry in my village witnessing about Jesus’ love and discipling believers.  In 2013 the believers multiplied and the persecution started again.  We were beaten in our own village and houses were burned down, so we left our village for a while but later returned to our community to show the love of Christ. In 2014 I married “Janet” and from then until now we have reached out to the Muslim community, building relationships with them and teaching believers to be strong and courageous in this journey.” 

“God had given me a vision to reach into Somalia since Bible College. In 2020, God opened the doors so that elected officials invited us to come, and we started our ministry there.  In the villages and camps there, I show the Jesus film and share and distribute Audio Bibles.  Four believers are being persecuted now. In total, Kenya's ministry in the last few years has grown from 34 believers to 70, and from 2 home churches to 5 home churches. 

Pastor James has been distributing food in Somalia as famine has gripped the area. He travels to multiple villages sharing Jesus and discipling believers. In Kenya, smart farming is helping the people there. He also has a feeding program there for students. Janet leads sewing projects and microfinance circles that help families start businesses and encourage better financial decisions. Monthly fellowship meetings are held with Muslim leaders (Imams) where a meal and the gospel is shared. There is also a goat project and James has helped start a Christian primary school in that area. He is encouraging Muslim farming groups to support sending students to Christian secondary boarding schools for the betterment of the tribe. 


Pastor asks us to please pray for:  

  1. God to draw people to Himself 

  2. For the safety of laborers in the community 

  3. For believers to be Bold and courageous in Faith 

  4. Needs to be supplied as the work grows 

  5. Leaders to be raised and trained 

  6. Increased opportunities for believers to fellowship together 

  7. Travel mercies and provision/protection 

  8. For Men of Peace (Luke 10:5-6) 


Education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's a catalyst for change. It empowers young minds, equips them with skills, and instills confidence, enabling them to break free from the constraints of poverty.


By sponsoring a student, you're not only investing in their education but also in their dreams, aspirations, and the well-being of their entire family.

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