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Mercy International is a 501(c)3 Christian non-profit founded by Dr. John Leininger. After visiting Haiti for the first time in 1974 and witnessing the spiritual and physical needs that existed there, Dr. John felt led to get involved. He eventually started a small ministry and took medical mission teams to remote areas and aided those who would never receive care otherwise. Since then, he has returned to Haiti over 100 times and has served the people there in various ways for over 50 years.

Over time, Mercy International expanded its ministry and God has blessed its continued efforts in Haiti in such incredible ways. The main focus has always been to rebuild the impoverished nation of Haiti and spread the Gospel to its inhabitants. This is done through education, medical care, church support, housing projects, and feeding families.

After the devastating earthquake in 2010, Dr. John witnessed the desperate need for a safe place for those suffering hopelessly in the tent cities of Port au Prince. In response to this need and with generous donations, Mercy International was able to build a village in the hills of Gressier, Haiti. This village is called "Merci de Dieu" which means “Thanks to God” and is home to nearly 700 people, all of whom had experienced deplorable conditions in the tent cities. Now they have a house to call home, a church to worship, a clinic to go to when sick, food, and education for their children. 

Mercy Innervational has since built two more villages in the mountains of southern Haiti for those who lost their homes in the 2016 hurricane and the 2021 earthquake. We have built several churches to help spread the Gospel and malnourished and an orphanage that cares for the orphans. God has led us to care for traffic-vulnerable children by taking them off of the streets and into loving homes. Our education program has seen hundreds of children succeed in school, many graduating from college. We desire to minister wherever the Lord leads us.





We desire to see the poorest of the poor around the world, transformed through the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, thriving in vibrant Christian communities.

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