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Gospel Truth.  Sustainable Help.

Mercy International desires to see the poorest of the poor around the world, transformed trough the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, thriving in vibrant Christian communities. 


Connect with Mercy International and join us today in our mission to make an impact in the lives of countless individuals that we serve


Mercy International is committed to aiding widows, orphans, and the poorest of the poor. ​

Typically, a poor Haitian family will rent a small room for as little as $300 to $500 per year, paid annually. As many only earn twice that, this expense will require much or even most of their income, paid all at once! Therefore, it is common for a family to be put out onto the streets when they are unable to come up with such a large amount. By constructing new homes built to last for decades, Mercy International can offer families a stable and secure living environment. This is advantageous not only for its immediate security but also because it eliminates the annual rent expense. As a result, families experience a significant increase in disposable income, essentially doubling their available funds. This newfound financial freedom allows families to afford better food, and even invest in education for their children, thus improving their overall quality of life.

That is why we develop vibrant, thriving, Christ-centered villages in Haiti! And now, as a community, complete with a church and Pastor, the Good News can be shared, and Christ can be glorified!


Education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's a catalyst for change. It empowers young minds, equips them with skills, and instills confidence, enabling them to break free from the constraints of poverty.


By sponsoring a student, you're not only investing in their education but also in their dreams, aspirations, and the well-being of their entire family

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