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  • Haiti is among the four worst countries for daily calorific intake, per person.

  • One-third of women and children are anemic due to inadequate diet.

  • One in three children are irreversibly stunted for their age.

  • More than 1.5 million are severely food insecure.


Everyday, parents in Haiti struggle to feed their family. With almost 60% living on less than $2 a day, most do not know where they will get their next meal. Because of the lack of resources to care for their family, some parents may even send a child away to other relatives, friends or even worse, sell them into domestic servitude.


The less likely the father is able to feed the family, the more likely he will leave to find work, which makes single motherhood very common in Haiti. Haitians are also known to be extremely generous by taking in extended family members or orphans in need of help, which makes families very large. Because of these obstacles, many families need help to secure sufficient food.


Dozens of families, who were among the poorest of the poor, were rescued from dangerous tent cities and invited to the village of Merci de Dieu as an opportunity to receive physical and spiritual nourishment. Families here are often large, lack a primary wage earner, and include multiple children and extended family members.


Families are selected to receive assistance by the village’s committee of elders, based on which families have the greatest needs. As a family sponsor, you will receive a photo of and information about the family.​


Isaiah 58:10 states it simply: “Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.”  


And again in Matthew 25, Jesus calls all believers to feed those who are in need and hungry. In obedience to this, Mercy International helps to feed families in the villages of Merci de Dieu and Deye Mon.  


With basic dietary needs met, a family can focus on staying healthy, strong and most importantly, together. Feeding a family also helps the children who are in school, as studies have shown that students perform better academically when they are well nourished.

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