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A Double Inspiration to Brighten Your Day

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. For me, I often find inspiration through real-life stories.

For example, when I hear a story of a child who vigorously takes on a goal that is seemingly impossible for her, and then actually accomplishes it – that’s inspiring. It may even cause me to tear up as I see the pure faith and hope in a child’s eyes and her complete lack of fear over failure while taking on a project bigger than herself. 

Child-like fearlessness seems to ignite in adults something we would like to live out more frequently. 

Another type of inspiring story for me sometimes includes a person who comes up with a fresh approach to an age-old problem. It encourages me to think outside-the-box and approach issues with more creativity. We’ve all had the dream, idea or outrageous plan to meet a common need that we put aside because “it could never be done.” 

Learning about others who have made a dream into reality by a creative, outside-the-box approach inspires us to try the same. 

If both of these types of stories are inspirations, surely a story that combines the two examples is doubly inspiring! 

So, let me introduce you to a story about a little girl, who with the help of her parents, took on a project bigger than herself, made decisions to think outside-the-box and came up with a fresh approach to an age-old problem. 

Meet the adorable, 5-year-old Presley.


Presley became very interested in the children of Haiti after hearing her dad talk about them following his first trip to the Merci’ de Dieu (Thanks to God) Village. Not willing to let a common problem go unsolved, she decided to do something. 

After a family garage sale, she told her parents she wanted to empty her entire life-savings (i.e. her piggy bank) AND work to earn more money (i.e. have a lemonade stand) to send help to Haiti. 

Not content to stop with that, Presley started talking to others about joining her effort. Her grandpa and cousins were so inspired, they emptied their change for Haiti. Presley also told her young friends in her family’s church small group about her endeavor. She asked them to empty their piggy banks for Haiti, too. 

As a result, Presley mustered up $300 to send a little Haitian girl named Tueslyne to school this year, along with school supplies and quality dental care. 


Some of the co-workers in Presley’s quest to help a Haitian child.


Presley’s single-digit small group friends and their parents.

A 5-year-old raising $300 from an emptied piggy bank, a lemonade stand, family partners, and a few of her single-digit aged friends, just because she acted upon a God-given passion and desire to meet a common need in an uncommon way — that’s inspiring!

We are all called to be a light, to offer a cup of water to the thirsty, to give generously, and to disciple the nations. Whether it’s the barista you see on the way to work, or the Haitian child you know only through a story and a picture, let us not allow the busyness of life or the fear of failure to dictate our lives. 

Like Presley, our decisions can change a life and influence others. Her child-like faith, her genuine love, and her outside-the-box creativity are an inspiration for me to do the same with the common problems God puts before me…and I have a feeling I won’t be the last person Presley inspires, either. 

In Christ,

Stephanie Cone

“And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:2-4

Sponsored Tueslyne Registre House 35 (3225)-3230

Presley’s exuberance helped Tueslyne have the opportunity to attend school, as well as receive school supplies and quality dental care.

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