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The Good Samaritan

Towards the end of my last trip to Haiti, things did not go so well. We had a fantastic trip; everything was going so smoothly! We were ready to return to the U.S., but two days before we left Haiti, we heard on the radio that the people would be rioting. We did not take it very seriously since nothing usually happens at the airport. Little did I know, we were so wrong! On the day we were supposed to leave, we headed to the airport three hours before our flight left. On the way to the airport, we found out that all the major roads were blocked. So, we had to go around the main roads to get to the airport. After a lot of trouble, we managed to make it to the airport.

Right when we got into the airport, they set tires on fire and blocked both sides of the gates. Meanwhile, the rioters were standing in front of the gates, we could not leave! At this time, we began to panic! We were all calling our families and friends in the U.S. to let them know what was happening. After an hour inside the airport, Pastor Etienne talked to some police officers, and they agreed to escort us out. We got in the car, and they were eight to ten police officers with shields and guns protecting us. As we were following them, we looked ahead and saw more than 4,000 people coming toward us. At this point, the police officers could not do anything for us. The panic started again! The driver wanted to turn left, and we were all screaming to tell him what he needed to do. It was not pretty! In the middle of us screaming, a gentleman approached us and said, “Follow me, I will take you to my house around the corner.” So, we turned around and followed him to his house. He got off his bike, then opened his gate to let us in. Only God knew why He wanted us there that day!

The moment we got out of the car, I noticed where the man was living. It was not in good condition. His house was affected by the earthquake last August. I walked behind the house and said to God, “May Your Will be done here today.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and walked back to my team.  Thirty minutes later, Pastor Etienne called us because he wanted to have a meeting. He started the meeting with how God is faithful, and He has protected us from what was going on. Then he proceeded to say that he does not think it was an accident for us to arrive at this man’s home. The main reason I went to Haiti was to give out the houses we had just built in our new village in Tozia. It was clear that God wanted to bless this man with a new home after his house got severely damaged during the earthquake. I could not even speak to Pastor Etienne, I started crying! I was too emotional to speak. It was proof to me that the Holy Spirit was there and had heard my prayer when I got there.

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