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Darline Montina



After the earthquake, our house broke down and we were homeless. It was very bad because people started robbing and injuring others. After a while, someone took me into their home, and I spent a few months there before I went to live with my mother. One of the pastors close by used to take care of me. He used to come by and bring me food to eat. He helped pay for my education, but after a while, he stopped. My mother decided that it was best for us to go and live with our relatives in Jacmel, so we did. When we got there, it was still bad because the house had so many holes in it. If it rained, then we got rained on. Also, when it was hot, we were sweating like crazy. My goal is to finish high school, and then go to college to become a doctor.

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Nursing & Computer


every month until canceled

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