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2014, God Continues to Provide

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I have been praying for funding to build eight more of the final sixteen homes needing to be built to complete the village. We will then have built sixty-four homes housing approximately four hundred people who were living in squalid tent cities. I know that the Lord always tests my faith by waiting until the last minute and providing the needed funds from an unexpected source. But as 2013 ended and the end of the year donations were completed, I thought that perhaps it wasn’t God’s will for me to build homes this trip. So I ordered my ticket for two weeks instead of the four weeks needed to build homes and I started planning my shortened trip. I already mentioned that I’ve experienced several times before that the Lord generally waits until the last minute and provides the needs in an unexpected manner so I am confused when I am so surprised when the Lord once again provides in such a manner. The bulk of the needed funding came in after the new year and from very unexpected multiple sources. Actually only days before I left for my trip! I rejoiced at having to change my tickets for a months stay so I could build eight homes and identify and give eight families of the poorest of the poor their new homes. A gift from the Lord.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed and given. You strengthen my faith as you respond to god’s call to serve the less fortunate. Please continue your prayers as we work to build the new homes.

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