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A Great Trip!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

It was a great trip and now I’m so glad to be home.

  • We built eight homes

  • We put 11 families (about 60 people) into the Village from tents/tarp cities

  • We put seven other families (about 35 people), into another similar project/Village called FLM

  • We put the church bell and bell tower up

  • We put on a marriage seminar which resulted in eight couples desiring to be married

  • We helped prepare seven children for their trip home to their forever families

  • We worked on the adoptions of a number of other children

  • We put over forty children in school

  • We helped seven families start a business

A blessed trip but I think the true blessings from this and other trips are the spiritual blessings given and received during interaction with those the Lord brings us in contact with. As each person, interaction and event involves a demonstration of God’s love and faithfulness and often a feeling of our Lord’s presence. It is these interactions and blessed times that bring me back to Haiti time and again.

It was a great trip and I look forward to getting back soon, Lord willing.

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