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A Transplant for Sophia

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The original surgery plans for Sophia to get a heart valve replacement surgery in Cuba fell through (and so did plans B, C, D, etc.). Estimates of the cost of surgery tripled (from 8k total to 24k in hospital bills only!!!) and many doctors/hospitals began shying away due to the high risk involved for this type of surgery (a second replacement is far higher risk than a first one).

But God is more powerful and eventually one of the plans worked out! Sophia will be having surgery in Martinique, a French Island in the Caribbean. There is a local Haitian church that will be sure to look after her until she is strong enough to return back to Haiti. 

Judy Foster, long-time friend of Dr. John’s and mission worker in Haiti, has helped to make this happen. We are thankful for her diligence in working through multiple plans and persevering until an option opened up.

The cost for surgery has also come back down by 10k due to the heart valve replacement being donated (praise the Lord!).

About $10,000 was raised for Sophia after our original post. With the added cost of surgery that means we are still in need of 4k for the hospital bills and additional funds for plane flights, room and board. Due to Sophia’s desperate health situation, we decided to pay the hospital and move forward, trusting the funds will come in or that He will provide in some other way.

We will keep you all updated! God is good!

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