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A Very Sweet Letter

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Today I received a very sweet letter from a young lady in the Village. She is the second oldest in a family of five boys and two girls.

Her name is Sonya. She excels in school and at eighteen years of age has only two years left of sixteen years of schooling required here in Haiti. School starts at three years of age. Her father works very hard as a stone carver but he will only make, at best, fifty cents for hours of work carving a heart shaped stone. So Sonya’s brother got to go last year but not Sonya. Her father couldn’t pay the two hundred dollars it would cost in school fees, books, uniform etc that was required to attend school for both of them.

This year, thanks to a student sponsor, she is able to go. She is beyond happy and sent me this sweet note of thanks. There are over eighty students in the Village, many still needing a sponsor. Would you consider being one? If the Lord leads, visit the web site at and sign up.

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