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“Beyond The Mountain”

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


A home in Deye Mon

Early last week we share the good news that the Lord provided a donor for a matching fund to purchase land for a second village. We are now $3500 down – only $500 to go to meet the matching fund!! 

This money will be used to purchase the land and make initial improvements (such as a road) for the village in Deye Mon.

Deye Mon means “Beyond the Mountain” and is located in the southern peninsula, about 160 miles from Port-au-Prince. As its name implies, Deye Mon is remotely tucked away beyond, and within, the mountains of Haiti.

A very small portion of these funds has also been marked especially for cooking classes in the first village, Merci’ de Dieu. This will be put on by a few ladies in the village, and will include live demonstration. It will help young women like Natasha accomplish her goal to become a cook for a wealthy family. Someday soon we will share more about Natasha.

Until then, please keep the work of Mercy International in your prayers. May Jesus be glorified, honored, and lifted up! And, may our goals only and always be surrendered to His good direction.

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