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Business Plans

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

It’s been a great trip to Haiti and we are privileged to be here with the villagers in the Merci’ de Dieu Village. There have been so many beautiful moments with our friends (and new friends!).

Right now I am sitting in a metal chair on a gravel patio trying to get a little wifi at a small patio, down a long, bumpy road, from the village. It’s been another hot, wonderful day filled with ministry, administrative work, building, and lots of hugs from kids!

Tonight, we want to share with you about two men who have come to us with business plans to help provide for their families.

Both men live in the village and both want to use a Tap Tap to earn a living. A Tap Tap is a Haitian taxi service which consists of a small truck, with a very colorful cover and bench seats in the back. When someone wants to get on, they wave the truck and hop on. When they want to get off, they “tap tap” on the side to indicate to the driver they are ready to stop.

Gerald is one of the father’s in the village and he has a plan. He would like help to purchase a Tap Tap for $5,000. He has specified amounts to save for maintenance, income for his family and loan pay back. Gerald’s heart is to help his family and his community as he will use his Tap Tap to help the villagers get places. In the past, he had a vehicle a former boss let him use and he would often use it to give the village students a ride to school. He also helped a widow feed her children when he had a better job years ago. He has demonstrated a heart to help others.

Fritzner is another father, who would like to do the same plan as Gerald. His Tap Tap is $3500. He plans to pay back the loan and help provide income for his family.

If you feel led to help these men with their business plans, you can donate through Mercy International, noting our Business/ Skill Fund. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to

These men understand that as they come to us and request financial help, we simply present those requests before you and pray God will provide what they need. Although they both desire to move forward in their plans, they also both understand that God has to move on peoples’ hearts to provide. I know God often clearly directs through finances and we trust He will in these cases as well.

Thank you!

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