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Fedelene Accepted the Lord Today!!!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

You may remember the story of Fedelene. She’s the young lady that has never walked and has been brushed aside as often happens to handicapped children. Her Mom died in the earthquake and she is being raised by her loving grandfather who is in poor health.

On our July trip we were blessed to take her to church for the first time and on her first trip to the beach.  She told us that she had never had a doll but we were unable to find one in Port au Prince.

Now, today, our first day back in Haiti, I’m ready to head to her house to give her the doll that I brought for her and I find out that another team member brought one also.  By God’s providence they were sister dolls made be the same Christian company. Not only that but we find out that it is her thirteenth birthday today!!  God is so good!!

Fedelene was so excited to receive her first doll and grinned ear to ear. After Fedelene opened her presents, Jacquity, our interpreter, then asked her if she had turned her life over to the Lord.  She said “No, but I would like to!” Her stepmom then told us that she would like to accept Jesus also. We shared the Gospel with them – the good news that though we are great sinners, Christ is a great Savior! We were so overjoyed as they bowed their heads and asked Jesus to save them.

Please rejoice with us that there are now two new souls calling on the name of Jesus!!  May their conversions be real and may they become strong and might warriors for the kingdom!  What a wonderful way to start off our two weeks in Haiti!!

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