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Fedelene’s First Surgery!!

Hallelujah! God provided the funds for Fedelene to have her first surgery as she begins on what we are praying is her journey toward being able to walk. We are so thankful and so excited for her!

A big thank you to the donors who gave to provide Fedelene with this amazing opportunity.

Pastor Etienne reports that her surgery yesterday was successful but that she is still in pain. Please pray for her pain to dissolve and her healing to happen quickly.

As mentioned in our last post, this surgery was to straighten Fedelene’s feet so that she can place them flat on the ground. This is the first of several surgeries.

Here are a few photos from Pastor Etienne:


Fedelene Before Surgery


Pastor Etienne and Rachel with Fedelene after surgery.


Rachel, Lussade and Fedelene.


Please keep Fedelene in your prayers as she recovers from the surgery.

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