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Fedeline Went To Church Today

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Fedeline may not be able to walk (yet), but she went to Carrefour to church with us today. We packed her wheelchair and then packed her and fifteen others from our team and the village into our Land Cruisers and off we went.  It was Fedeline’s first time in her thirteen years of life that she has been in a church.  It’s hard for me to imagine that she has had so little concept of our loving Father and our Savior’s sacrifice for her.

She was visibly so happy to be there and told one of our team members that she was “happy to be here to praise the Lord.” She was also happy to be with other teenagers and part of our group. It’s clear that she has been “cast aside” and hasn’t had much contact with others her age.

Now our goal is to get her the medical care she needs and to see her walk again.  This is what is needed to accomplish that:

  • An orthopedic surgeon willing to do the surgeries pro bono

  • A hospital willing to treat her pro bono. (Usually the doctor sets this up)

  • A family from the same area as the hospital willing to care for her while she is in the US for care.

Once those three things are known, then a medical visa can be obtained and she can come to the US for her care. Does anyone know of a doctor, hospital and family that might be willing to do that?

Please pray for Fedeline and that we are able to one day see her walk into a church as a new fellow believer in Christ.

Haiti at church-0570

First time in church

Haiti Fedaline w kenlley-1069

Fedeline was well cared for and given a lot of needed attention

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