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Follow-up on the Man on the Road

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I blogged earlier concerning a young man I found unconscious and near death along the side of the road. Against the rules I loaded him in my truck and took him to a hospital. The laws in Haiti now make me responsible for him.

Two days later I return to the hospital to see how he is doing. I enter the ICU, recognize him immediately and realize he isn’t going to make it. I meet his young wife outside and find out they have two children and live in a tent city. I ask for her phone number, and express my condolences.

Sunday afternoon Jean Fritz and I call her and visit her. The tent city where she lives is as bad as any I have seen. Her “tent”, made of tarps wrapped around sticks, is literally the size of a king size bed. There is a twin bed in half of the tent and two small chairs in the other half. The heat is impossible for me to tolerate for more than a minute or two.

I meet the parents of the young man who I find out died the day before. His young wife is still in shock. I tell them of our Christian village where we give homes to people who are still living in tent cities some three and a half years after the earthquake and offer to take them there. They tell me they do not attend church but I don’t feel like this is the proper time to share the Lord with them. That time will come. For now, we take the young wife and her cousin to the village and show them their new home. They are overwhelmed with joy.

This young lady, her two children and the young man’s parents will receive a new home as a gift from the Lord. It is heartwarming to be able to share our Lord in this way with such a needy family.

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