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Giving Glory Where it is Deserved

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

We are often thanked for the homes as we give them out to families in need. We attempt to always remind the families to give the glory where it is deserved and ask them to prayerfully thank our Lord for His gift.

We also place a plaque on the front of each home that has been sponsored, giving God the glory. This then becomes a constant reminder of where the thanks is to be given, not only to the home owner but also to those who enter the home.

The attached photo is of a proud homeowner cleaning the newly placed plaque on his home so that all who enter can read it and give God the glory. Generally, the top half is a scripture in Creole with a God glorifying statement and the bottom is the translation in English.

I would like to, again, thank all of you who have sponsored a home. And I would like to let everyone know that about half of the homes have not yet been sponsored–at a cost of $5,750.00 each, should anyone be willing to sponsor a remaining home. Please go to to make your donation. We still have eight homes we would like to build to complete our village of sixty-four homes. We would like to build them in the next two or three months, if the funds are available.

May God be given the glory for the great things He has done.

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