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It Beats Limping  

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The other night I had a dream. For those who hate to hear someone else’s dreams, I will keep it short. 🙂

A menacing man in black was chasing me. I don’t know why he was chasing me but I knew that he meant to harm me. So I decided to turn on him and be the aggressor. For some reason I felt that a jump into the horizontal position and a hard kick into his stomach would stop him cold. The only problem with my plan was that when I landed the kick, his stomach was as hard as a two by four…very much like the horizontal two by four at the foot of my bed.

I was immediately awake, grabbing my foot and hold my mouth so that I would not wake the other guys up. It was painful. My big toe took the brunt of the hard kick.

As I limped around the next day, I was amazed that just a figment of my imagination could do such damage to my foot. Then I thought of all of the imagined threats I presumed would circumvent our plans for the village… getting another well drilled before we left (Done!), getting a bulldozer to build a road needed in the village. (Didn’t need it after all.) Will we have enough money to complete the homes we were committed to build? (Donations for two more homes came in just a few days ago.) Will a resident agree to our outrageous plan to split his land? (Through much negotiation he is happy with the plan.) Will our new well be able to pump enough water to supply the whole village? (Up to 50 gallons a minute . . . plenty!)

In every segment of our life in the village, we can imagine blockades, barriers and the black-cloaked nemesis that can prevent our plans from progressing. We are tempted to worry and fret and possibly take action that will hurt us.

Things may not be happening for you as fast as you would like. But God has a plan. He is too wise to make a mistake, too powerful for anything to be impossible for Him and He loves you way too much to allow anything to happen to you that would not be for your good.

Trust Him and instead of kicking a two by four with all your might at an imagined threat, I suggest you do what our Father suggested . . .

“Be still, and know that I AM God.”

It beats limping around.

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