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Karensky’s Life or Death Battle

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I met Karensky three years ago at the orphanage. I will never forget it. Despite the pain in his eyes and his apparent discomfort, he smiled. He reached his arms around Dr. Leininger and squeezed as hard as he could. Dr. Leininger then asked how he was feeling and inspected his bulging stomach. My heart sank as I saw his sweet smile disappear.

Karensky has a life threatening disease called Hirchsprung’s Disease, which leads to chronic constipation. It is completely treatable, and if he had been born in the United States, it would have been treated a very long time ago.

Even though Karensky looks like he is about 8 years old, he is actually 14. Because of his condition, he is malnourished and underdeveloped. Karensky has been awaiting surgery for many years. Previous attempts to bring him to the States for treatment have been blocked. Sadly, time for Karensky is running out. Without intervention, his disease will become fatal.

In March, through God’s amazing timing and provision, Dr. Leininger found a doctor willing to do the surgery in Haiti. This was an absolute answer to prayer. In faith that God will provide, Mercy International has made arrangements to move forward with the surgery on Thursday, April 14th.

Lord willing, Karensky will finally find relief from the pain he has experienced everyday since he can remember. With your donations and God’s hand over his surgery, Karensky will soon be on his way to recovery.

We still need to raise $6,000 to cover the cost of healing this sweet boy’s body. Any amount helps! God has provided one donor already who will match any donation up to a total of $1000. Please consider donating to and join us in prayer. Be sure to make a note on your donation “Surgery for Karensky”.

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