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Meet Nanny Madeline

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Allow me to introduce you to one of our dearest friends in Haiti.

Meet Nanny Madeline.

Nanny Madeline is one of the two women who cook delicious meals for visiting teams to the village. She has been a part of the Merci’ de Dieu (“Thanks to God”) Village with her husband, Franckel and small son, Christly since May 2013. Before the earthquake, Madeline worked at at orphanage. After the earthquake she worked at a restaurant.

No wonder she makes such delicious Haitian dishes (seriously, her pickly, goat, and rice and beans are hard to be beat).

Although Madeline was raised in church, she faded away from the Lord until 15 years ago, when after many people had evangelized her, she finally made the decision to follow Christ. 

Christly will be entering first grade this year, and is one of Mercy International’s sponsored students.

Nanny Madeline and her husband Franckel didn’t hesitate when Dr. John asked if they would bring in two orphan young ladies who have aged out of a local orphanage. They opened their home to Milange and Midrene, offering them one of their two bedrooms.

If this is not a picture of the church in Acts — when members gave to one another so none were found in need — I don’t know what is.

In Haiti, a child is supposed to be sent away from an orphanage by the age of 16. Often they will get to stay around until 18, but after that many find themselves on their own. In order to survive, girls too often succumb to prostitution, deceived into the idea there is no other way to earn a living.

Milange and Midrene are now cared for by Nanny Madeline, and have been given an opportunity to learn some of her skills.

But Madeline and Franckel need help doing this. We are looking for one (or more than one) person who would be willing to partner with Madeline and Franckel in the care of these orphans. We already have one sponsor giving $25 per month, which means we only need to raise $125 per month.

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