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No Money For Breakfast

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


The family pictured is the Bélance family. They were blessed with a new home in the village in August 2012. Sadly, the father went to the Dominican to find work years ago and never returned.  When the mom, Esther, has extra money to buy products, she goes to the market, selling small items to make a living. As you can imagine, this is far from sufficient.

On our last trip to the village, our volunteer photographer went to their home to take photos of their morning routines. When he asked them what they were having for breakfast, they responded that they weren’t having breakfast. This is all too common in Haiti – a family barely struggling for existence, who can only afford one, maybe two basic meals per day.

Esther is a strong Christian, but has been very poor all of her life and signs her name with an X. Until a team recently provided bunk beds, the children all slept on the bare concrete floor.  Christella is the one standing in the back right. She is now 18 years old. She is a perfect candidate for the new business skills training the women of the village will be receiving next year. Marjorie is in the front right. She is 13 and because of donations from people like you she’s attending the 3rd grade. She is behind her age level, but is doing very well and will continue to do so, with support from sponsors like you. Richard just had his 11th birthday and is in 2nd grade. He is an excellent student, thanks to an opportunity to attend school through a sponsor. With ongoing support, they can avoid the cycle of poverty in which this family finds itself.


We are praying and looking for someone who is willing to sponsor Esther and her children for food for $100 per month. That’s $3.23 per day . . . which is only 81 cents each, for Esther and her three children, per day.

It seems like a small amount, yet it helps tremendously. It gives them the boost they need to keep going and enables Esther to use more of her meager income to continue her small business.

Currently, we have four families (Esther and three others) with immediate needs of $100.00/mo now and three families needing $50.00/mo now to help them feed their families.

Mercy International is a small and unique organization, which enables us to give more personalized care to those the Lord puts before us. What incredible joy to watch our Great Provider show Himself merciful and mighty in the lives of His loves ones in Haiti!

We have already seen the Lord work in countless ways. His blessings abound and we continue to pray and trust in Him as He delivers exactly what is needed! If the Lord leads you to give (whether prayerfully, financially, or otherwise) the return on your investment in the lives of those we serve is eternal and therefore cannot be matched. Praise Him!

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