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Post-Hurricane Progress and Call for Help

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Not quite two weeks ago, Hurricane Matthew ravaged Southwest Haiti. There was extensive damage, especially in Les Cayes and the village of Deye Mon. The basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing have become extremely scarce and diseases like cholera are a constant threat. The coming weeks and months will be a battle for survival and we will need ongoing partnership to provide the necessary support.

However, praise the Lord, we have already seen much progress. Our local staff, in partnership with organizations like Harvest House Haiti, have been able to provide relief to hundreds of Haitians, in places where little other aid is available. Your prayers and gifts enable us to keep these efforts going, bringing the love of Christ to people who desperately need it.

100% of Hurricane Matthew relief giving is going directly to Haiti.

The Village of Deye Mon

Deye Mon was hit directly by the Hurricane and is very remote. The people in this area need food and shelter to prevent further loss of life.


  1. Food and water delivered to approximately 300 people, most who no longer have homes

  2. 4 widows and their families have been returned to their newly re-roofed homes!

  3. 2 more homes will be completed in the next week

  4. 4 additional homes will begin construction this month

  5. A covered pavilion will be built to provide a place for Bible study and basic shelter

  1. Funds to build 16 more homes in the village (need to raise $150,000)

  2. Replacements for building materials destroyed by the storm (need to raise $9000)

  3. Repairs for the roof of Pastor Wilfrid’s home (need to raise $3000)

  4. Emergency food and water (need to raise $6000)

Les Cayes

Pastor Etienne is our Director of Operations in Haiti. He has been working tirelessly since the Hurricane to coordinate relief efforts, including driving supplies all over the country. The church he pastors in Les Cayes lost part of it’s roof during the storm.

  1. Fix the partially damaged roof on Pastor Etienne’s church (need to raise $3200)

The Village of Merci de Dieu

Closer to Port Au Prince, the Village of Merci de Dieu was fortunate to incur less damage than Les Cayes and Deye Mon. Keeping food available and preventing Cholera is the main concern.


  1. Food delivered to 63 homes

  2. Villagers made basic repairs to dirt roads

  1. Repairs to village homes and equipment (need to raise $3000)

  2. Emergency food (need to raise $8000)

In Closing

There is no question that God is doing amazing things in Haiti. We hope you’ll join us in sharing His love and provision with the people of Haiti. We have a medical team headed to Deye Mon in early November and another team headed to Merci de Dieu in mid-November. Please pray for the safety of these teams, as well as our local staff and the people they will be serving.

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