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Sabrina’s Hope

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

A little over one year ago, Sabrina visited the Merci’ de Dieu Village to ask for help with her family’s rent. Sabrina is cousins with one of the hardest working ladies in the village.

Sabrina’s father and aunt died not too long ago, leaving Sabrina and her siblings along with her mother. Her parents were married, which is sadly all too rare in Haiti.

Her father worked, but didn’t make enough to fully support the family. Her aunt, who lived and worked in Canada, also helped to support the family, sending money back to Haiti. Both deaths have devastated the family.

Sabrina’s older brother now lives and works in the Dominican Republic and sends money back to his mother and siblings. It is enough to cover school for the children, but not enough to cover the rent.

Last year, the Lord provided the $1100 needed for one year’s worth of rent for Sabrina and her family. This year, they are in need of help with rent again. Due to a slight change in the US to Haitian dollar rate, it will only be $850 for one year’s rent.

Please pray for Sabrina and her family to have their hope fulfilled. We believe this is a family who is truly working and trying to stay afloat. If God leads you to help, any amount will be a blessing.

Merry Christmas!


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