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Send Them To School

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Dear friends,

The school year is just around the corner!

I still remember getting ready for my first day of first grade. I was excited, and a little nervous. My Mom laid out my uniform the night before and my little six-year-old self was pretty thrilled about getting to wear it the next day. It was a happy time to be anticipating all the new adventures the year would hold.


There are around 130 students being sent to school through Mercy International this year, including quite a few new first graders. They will get to experience the adventures of learning how to read, to increase their math skills, learn stories from great men and women in history and meet new friends just like we remember from our first grade year.

Thank you to all of our sponsor for sending them to school. We can hardly wait to see how God uses each of these young lives.

Now I ask for your partnership in ministry once again, but this time I’m asking for you to spread the message. We need to help send 20 — just updated to only 17!! — more students to school. 

A lot of times people are just waiting to know how to help, and simply need to know where and when there is an opportunity. We would be so grateful — and so would the 20 17 un-sponsored students — if you would share the need with a friend. 

Share it with the person at lunch. Share it with the your friend over the phone. Share it on Facebook. Share it at church.

Thank you for being part of this ministry, and thank you for helping us send these kids to school!

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