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Sophia’s GREAT News

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We have some GREAT news to share. Sophia is on her way home!!


It’s been a long road for Sophia to get to this point. All of the closed doors and roadblocks along the way weren’t expected, but boy was it all worth it.

Early this month, on the island of Martinique, Sophia finally received her second heart valve replacement. Her first was 17 years ago.

Originally a bovine valve, it was supposed to only last a few years. Instead it lasted her until now, but was quickly failing which left her with little hope for life.

Though her condition was critical, many doctors refused to take her as a patient because of the high risk of this type of surgery. In God’s providence, she ended up with the same team of doctors she had 17 years ago!! They were excited to take her back on. The fact that they were willing to take her was a miracle in itself!

After an extremely risky seven hour surgery, Sophia has a new mechanical valve that will last, God willing, for a very, very long time. She spent some time in the hospital recovering with Judy and Rachel sharing the caregiving load and today she is on her way back to Haiti!


Sophia, while recovering from surgery in the hospital

Thank you to those who helped Sophia get this life-saving surgery. Her daughters, her husband and all of us are relieved that she is doing so well and heading back to normal life.

Medical emergencies pop up often. We have many opportunities to help someone with a life-saving or life-changing surgery. Sophia is one of the those examples and Fedelene is another. Fedelene, by the way, is doing well and only has a few more appointments until she will get her casts off. She will need more surgeries to get her to the place where she can stand and walk, but each step is a huge victory.

Right now the Medical Emergency Fund is depleted due to covering excessive expenses in Sophia’s prolonged care and extra medical fees. 

But that’s what this organization is all about — serving Christ and helping others. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of and we are so thankful for your partnership!


Rachel escorting Sophia back home!

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