Thank You From The Threads Of Blessing Team

Updated: Oct 27

Thank you so much for your support of Mercy International and Threads of Blessing!  I would like to share with you the miracles that we saw take place.  As you know, this was the 1st workshop in Haiti for the Threads of Blessing ministry, and we are praying there will be many more.  Our team consisted of Brenda Kingery, the founding member of Threads of Blessing some 18 years ago.  Linda Jones, who is a faithful giver of her time and talents to Threads of Blessing in Uganda and Honduras.  Ellen Walton, our newest partner, who brought more than just her artistic talents but also impacted the young women of the village with her teaching of liturgical dance.  And myself, Jean Axtell, who was blessed beyond measure to be part of this team as we introduced Threads of Blessing to our sweet sisters in Village de Dieu in Haiti.

Because of generous contributions, we were able to prepare enough embroidery kits for 58 ladies! We were also able to provide meals for these wonderful ladies so we did not waste time having them return to their homes for lunch. Your contributions not only served as a monetary means for buying the necessary items for teaching and sewing but serve as life-changing tools for the ladies who have chosen to embrace the opportunity and now have a way of providing for their families. 

At first, there was great apprehension on the part of the attendees. They had never seen an embroidery hoop and many claimed they had never sewn before. But 2 hours into the first day of the 3-day workshop, the pictures below show a different story. 

Happy Sewer


The workshops went for 6 hours each day, but I think most of the ladies would have stayed all day if we had not needed the chapel for the afternoon VBS classes for their children! When our team came down the morning of the 2nd day, we were overjoyed to see some of the ladies already in the chapel setting up the work benches and tables, and sweeping the floor! They were taking ownership of this ministry and that was an answer to our prayers!

When we announced we would be holding a Graduation Ceremony for all those who completed the 3-day workshop, one would have thought we were handing out PhD diplomas. They were so proud to receive recognition for their work and for most I would imagine this was a first for them. 


The last day of our time in the village was a ‘free’ day for us to enjoy walking about the village and visiting with our ladies in their homes. We were wonderfully blessed to see each of our ‘graduates’ sitting on their front steps sewing on their pieces.