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The Baddest Lady in the Village

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The lady’s name is Guerline, she’s the baddest lady in the village. I wondered how she got a house in the village and what went wrong with our vetting process. She’s very poor, a single mom with three small kids and lived in a tent, so she qualified. However, she continued to fight with her neighbors and scowl at anyone she met. She even lied to me and told me she had helped with some work in the village, which I paid her for but I found out later she hadn’t worked at all.

I was thinking that she may be the first family we kick out of the village. Then something remarkable happened. Several Sundays ago she accepted the Lord as her personal savior.

Now she’s a changed woman. She doesn’t even look the same. Her scowl is gone and she has a warm and gentle smile. I’ve observed her over several weeks now and am convinced that her conversion is real. At this point she is still one of the poorest families in the village but I wondered if the Lord would start to bless her.

If you remember, we just had a team that came and built a bunch of bunk beds. Guerline, having pretty much nothing in her home, received one of the beds. One of the men, having no knowledge of her recent conversion, felt compassion to help her and is now helping to support her family. From our perspective, it is a small amount per month but from her perspective it is life changing.

I don’t think any of these events were an accident….. from the time she was selected to live in the village to the compassion felt by one of our team. I do believe that God directs our lives as we are faithful and He alone orchestrated these events.

There are other very poor families in the village whose life would be transformed be a $50 to $100 monthly sponsorship. Please consider if the Lord would led you to bless a family in that manner.

I have observed for decades that the Christians in Haiti live better that those involved in Voodoo or other cults. God does care for His own in very special ways.

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