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The Beautiful Face of a Child

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We are so thankful for our partners in ministry (which include many of you reading this right now!) who have joined with Mercy International to assist ones like this precious little girl in Haiti in the Merci’ de Dieu (“Thanks to God”) Village.

I couldn’t help but share this photo. She is so precious – such a gift of life from God. She has the beautiful face of a child. What will her future look like? What will she grow up to become? My heart wants her to grow up healthy and happy and knowing Jesus!

Haiti Village shots-9801

This summer we will be taking a team to the Merci’ de Dieu Village to do a number of things, including to re-evaluate the needs of students and families.

Many families like this sweet girl have sponsors who are helping them feed their families. Others are still in great need. Please keep us in prayer as we evaluate needs, and please keep these families in prayer as they seek to provide for their children.

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