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The Bottom Line

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

On my previous trip in May, one of the young ladies in our village was having trouble at school and in the village with other families. Her behavior had become unacceptable. It had gotten to the point that I thought I might have to ask her to leave the village. I knew that if I had to do that I would be sending her to pretty severe poverty. I really didn’t want to do that.

I shared the gospel with her on that trip and she accepted the Lord. It was a huge “praise the Lord” but I was unsure that her conversion was real. She promised me that she would attend church, follow Jesus, do what the Bible said, do better in school and get along with everyone in the village. This would take a radical change of heart that only the Holy Spirit indwelling could accomplish.

As I arrived in the village this trip, I was anxious to see her and see if anything had changed. I was only here for a short time when she came to me and said “I’m going to church every time it is opened. I’ve changed, you will see!” I encouraged her but at that point, I was still unconvinced and decided to watch and see.

It wasn’t very long before others in the village came to me asking what had happened to her as she was so different. I’ve been told that she has been studying very hard, reading her Bible and not creating any problems at school or the village. I explained that she has accepted Jesus and that her heart has been changed. It has given me the opportunity to share the gospel with others in the village. This is the bottom line for why we are here serving these precious people: it is to earn the right to share the gospel and provide discipleship for those who accept the truth.

Thank the Lord for the heart of this woman and please pray that those who hear will respond and turn to the narrow path that leads to our Lord and Savior. Pray also that this young lady is able to stay strong through all of the adversity she will face in this life.

This alone has already made my trip a truly blessed time.

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