The Dangerous Rain Adventure

Updated: Oct 27

Haiti Team Photo -1

The Lord brought together just the right individuals to form a perfect team. Pictured here (L to Right, back): Kenny, Joey, Jessi, Dr. John, Madeline, Pastor Etienne, Stephanie, Charles. (L to R, front) Rita, Jullie, Jacquetie, Ellen, Kenlley (not pictured: James and Lussade). Photography by our amazing team photographer, Charles Vernier.

“On Tuesday afternoon, nine members of the team experienced some of the more exciting aspects of Haitian weather when we took advantage of some downtime and decided to hike two miles through the mountains to visit the HCRM orphanage. When we started, the day was very hot and muggy, as usual; Jacquetie remarked how nice it would be to have a little breeze. After about a 25-minute walk/climb we arrived and spent a couple of hours playing soccer and basketball and swinging with the kids.

Orphanage -6505

Orphanage -6469

Orphanage -6496


Kenlley, who lived at the HCRM orphanage for five years (his adoption was finalized just after the 2010 earthquake) was able to reunite w