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The Fate of our Free Clinic

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

As the only medical care available near the village is expensive and meant for the wealthy, a high priority for us last year was to build a free clinic here in the village. We received funding to build it and decided to make it in memory of a dear friend. He came many times to Haiti caring for the dental needs of people in remote villages. He would work long hours and refuse breaks as so many people needed his care. He was a godly example to us all. So the clinic was dedicated as the Dr. Bill Walsh Memorial Clinic.

When I came to Haiti in January, I intended to close our free Medical clinic. I had tried raising funds for it and had completely failed. I felt that must mean I was to shut it down, but you may remember the little malnourished boy that showed up while I was here and we were able to save his physical life and probably his soul as well. The clinic has been seeing forty to sixty patients, three times a week, few if any of whom would otherwise get health care. I couldn’t bring myself to close it.

After more prayer and no funds, I knew that as I returned in April I would have to close it. As I have expressed before, God’s response in my experience is usually last minute and from an unexpected source. So it was with funding for the clinic.

I’m watching the many people right now waiting to see our doctor and two nurses that run the clinic and pharmacy. All free, by the grace of God.

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