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The First House in the Second Village

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This summer, the ground-breaking on the second village became a reality. The first house in the second village was built, and given to it’s new owner Stelencia, who we wrote about a while back.

Stelencia uses a long cane (stick) to get around, as she still suffers from injuries from her attack long ago. Her granddaughter was sent to live with her and to help her around their shack. She had no idea that the new house, which was built not far from her current shack, was going to be her new home!

The team was pretty excited to see her reaction. First they went to her, greeted her, and asked her to follow them to see something.

If you’ve read the previous post about Stelancia you know that she still limps and uses a cane to walk.

Here she is making the trek down to her surprise. She still didn’t know why she was going!

Crowds gathered at the new house to watch her arrive. Excitement was building!


After the walk down, Stelancia sat down to take a breather. She’s quite the trooper.

After a time of dedication, Stelancia took a tour of her new home. She was very happy about her new house. It’s a huge upgrade from her old shack!

Before leaving, the group spent some time praying over Stelancia and her new home.

It is transformational for a family to receive a home. It gives them such a boost in life, such encouragement in the midst of hardship. It even sets them up to be able to help others around them, and to build up their families and community.

The second village is located in a remote mountainous area of Haiti. The incredible beauty of creation and the people is contrasted by their extremely poor living conditions.

One of the team members, and our board member, Nathan Stricker, shared that he “saw Yverose (the granddaughter) the following day with her friends.  She was a different kid than the day before: happier, more confident and carefree.”

The dream for this second village is similar to the first, to help families become established in Christ-centered communities.

The second village is designed and ready to go, but we have only been provided enough funds to purchase the land and build Stelancia’s house.

Now it’s time to raise funds for the rest of the homes! We’d love to have you join us . . . .

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