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The Mapou Tree

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I am always intrigued at what and who God will use to share the gospel.

A belief of Voodoo is that Lougawou, spirit beings, live in Mapou trees. A Mapou tree is a gorgeous, very large tree, usually found near water in Haiti. Luogawou are blamed for most any death in a family, especially an infant death, so to keep them out of their homes, believers in Voodoo tightly close and lock their homes every night, even in the extreme heat of the summer. (This creates a perfect mechanism for the transmission of TB. As the TB patient exhales TB bacillus, everyone else in the home inhales it.)

We just happen to have a beautiful Mapou tree in the Village. This has led to some very interesting conversations. Some want to cut it down, others say they don’t think we should build near the tree as this might upset the Lougawou. At least annually there are ceremonies under Mapou trees in an attempt to please the Lougawou so that they don’t become mad and visit someone’s home and take a life. And I really don’t want any Voodoo celebrations in our Christian Village!

So, it is encouraging to hear the Christians from the Village discuss and debate with some of the outside workers that they have no fear of the Lougawou because they have the Holy Spirit protecting them. It has turned out that our Mapou tree has become a great witnessing tool. I am continually amazed at how the Lord uses even the Mapou tree to bring people to Him.

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