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The Village is Finished but the Work Goes On

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I’ve been home now for a little while and have had time to reflect on the incredible events that occurred on my last trip to Haiti and to determine what is next for Mercy International now that the village building phase is finished.

The two teams that came down during this last trip went home and raised an amazing amount of support for homes, the clinic, student scholarships and even an unlimited supply of water, thanks to a donation for a new well that was put in this last trip. This, more than anything else, has caused me to believe that “the Lord isn’t finished with Mercy International yet!”

There are now 63 homes filled with up to 10 people, many of whom literally have nothing. They are part of the poorest of the poor and were living under tarps in the unbearable heat and lawlessness of a tent city. The families now have a roof over their heads, water to drink and live in a safe environment. But ministry to them has just begun.

The village church is being used almost every day, and we are seeing more of the villagers come to the Lord and have a deeper relationship with Him. Many of the families that have been living common-law, are now wanting to get married. We’ve officiated over seven weddings so far.

The free medical clinic is being supported and functioning three days a week with a doctor and two nurses. It is a huge help to these families that can’t afford even a few dollars for health care. I’ve shared stories of children’s lives saved and patients receiving proper care because of the availability of this medical care.

There are several hundred children needing (and wanting) to go to school. So far we have found funding for 41 student scholarships. Three hundred dollars a year ($25.00 per month) will pay for tuition, uniforms, books, shoes, backpacks and other fees necessary to attend school in Haiti.

We have already started helping several families with seed money so that they can start a business and support themselves and their families. Other families, including widows, single moms and larger families that may have up to eight children, just need help to properly feed their families. For between $50.00 and $100.00 per month (your choice as some families need more help than others) we will choose a family in need for you to help support.

Your help is critically needed as there are families in need now; some children often going without food during the day. Also, within the next six weeks we have to register the children for school so that we can take advantage of a cost break for early registration. Can you help us? We want to be able to help each family feed and educate their families. We have mentioned before that 100% of all donations goes for the purpose it was given. There are no administrative fees taken out as is the norm with most ministries.

Please visit if you would like to help us, or if you would like to catch up on what we are doing. You can also mail support to:

Mercy International, Inc.

100 West Hosack

Boerne, Texas 78006

May our Lord continue to receive the glory for the work that goes on at Merci’ de Dieu (Thanks to God) village.

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