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The Village is Growing!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The new eight homes should be finished in the next few days. Cliff Hawley and Kenny Kennedy continue to push the project forward, overseeing the builders, putting in the water system and building the new road. This is no easy project, especially in the heat of the tropics but the building part can seem easy compared to the gut wrenching decisions of which family gets a home and which family is left in the deplorable conditions of a tent city.

We have already chosen the first family. This was an easy one for me. We found a family of four, living in a tent with a physically challenged child. Fedeline is twelve years old and has knee, ankle and hip joints that are frozen straight. Her feet are malformed and she is a sweetheart. The family are Christians and mom and dad work at menial jobs, barely providing food for their family, yet they both have huge smiles on their faces.

Fedeline was given a wheel chair but generally gets around crawling on the ground. We have chosen a home for them that will be easier to build a ramp for the front entrance and a walkway to the latrine.

Pray for us that God makes all of our choices as clear as this one and that they are given in a God honoring way.

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