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They Found Her Again In The Mountains

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Years ago this lady (we will call her “Rebecca” in this article) worked for a wealthy Haitian woman. One tragic day, thieves broke in and mistakenly assumed Rebecca was the wealthy woman. They beat her so severely that still to this day she can barely walk. Her daughter, who was with her, was also severely beaten and did not survive. 

Dr. John and Pastor Etienne met Rebecca years ago. In November, God put her on their hearts once again, so they took part the team and purposed to find her on their trip into rural Haiti. Rebecca lives in a remote location, in the mountains of Haiti called Deye Mon (“Beyond the Mountains”).

Rebecca wept as she re-told the story of the tragic day and shared her situation. She has no family to help her and lives in a small stick house, barely surviving. 

It is not an accident that God brought Rebecca back to mind and that, after many years, Dr. John and Pastor Etienne found her remote mountainous location once again. God had His hand in this!

We would like to build her a small home, approximately 12’ X 12’ that will keep the rats and snakes out and protect her from the weather.  It would be a basic structure of concrete block with a tin roof.

If God lays it on your heart to sponsor the building (or part of the building) of Rebecca’s new home, we would love to move forward on this project! We estimate cost of building at $3,700. 


Pastor Etienne and Dr. Whistler in front of “Rebecca’s” hut

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