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This Decision was Easy

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Two ladies came to the village to visit me today asking for a home. They fit the criterion to qualify for a home in the village: a family living in a tent, preferably Christian, husband and wife with several young children. So I told them I would like to take them to their tent city so I could see where they lived. It is a tent city I’ve visited before and two of our families used to live in.

Cliff, Rachel and I pile into our Land Cruiser and head to where they live. I see in the rear view mirror that one of the ladies is praising the Lord, presumably simply because we agreed to see where they lived.

We arrive and the two ladies showed me the condition of their tents. They were awful. You could put your hand through both tents and actually they tell me that has been happening by thieves. They had both moved in after the earthquake so their tents were over four years old. They tell me that when it rains the rain comes through the tents and everything gets wet.

Rachel, Cliff and I didn’t like being in this tent city as it looked like a pretty rough crowd hanging around the tents. We took a quick look at where they lived and prepared to head out but a crowd already started forming. One man said “Hello, Mr. John”. Seems people know about the village.

These two ladies and their families don’t know it yet but within a week they will have a new home with land enough for a garden and in a community of mostly Christians that is safe and peaceful. Their lives will be changed, all by the grace of God.

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