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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hours upon hours go into preparing for our annual Threads of Blessing (TOB) workshop in Haiti, but when all is said and done, these pictures capture the heart of why we love going to Merci de Dieu.  As our team in the states is busy gathering all the necessary supplies to put on a workshop – 120 tote bags, 6,000 skeins of embroidery floss, yards and yards of fabric, 120 blue towels for the practice tutorial, 120 hoops, scissors, rulers, bandannas, 360 embroidery needles, 120 tracts of Campus Crusade’s 4 Spiritual Laws in English and Creole, packets of Handi-Wipes, 120 laminated cards illustrating the 7 Basic Stitches for Hand-Embroidery, and the list goes on; the ladies in Haiti are sewing anywhere from 100 hours to 400 hours on a single piece of embroidery art in hopes that it will sell here in the states and help provide food, education and medical help for their children.  They are so excited to show you what they are working on plus the many pieces they have produced since our last visit to the village.  

The average annual income for a family of 4 in this area of Haiti is around $400.  It is understandable why the families in the village of Merci de Dieu are in need of sponsorships for their basic needs plus education for their children, but our hope is the funds the ladies receive from their pieces will offer a chance to begin their own micro industries to be more self-sustaining.

We definitely have our “Rock Star” ladies who have the God-given talents of design and creativity, and are producing exceptional pieces – which are quickly claimed by team members, whom are the first to see their work!  We encourage these gifted ladies to help the ones who are struggling and become their teachers.  Many are even teaching their own sons and daughters to sew which adds to the family funds.

We thank all of you who have purchased their pieces and recognize that we are all part of this team called Threads of Blessing.  Without your interest and love for these ladies and their work, this would not be successful.  We wish all of you could come to Merci de Dieu with us and witness the beautiful hearts of these ladies. I can tell you that those who have gone to meet the TOB ladies in the village have been changed forever as they love and serve them, laugh and cry with them and witness the mighty work of God in all that is happening there!  The invitation is always open if the Holy Spirit leads you to join us!

Blessings and more blessings from the team of Threads of Blessing – Haiti!

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