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This is What it is All About!!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I hope you can feel my joy through this blog post. Tonight I felt led to start a bible study for some of the older children in the village. They were very engaged and asked some great questions. Here are a few of my favorites:

“If you’re sick and pray to God and you don’t get better, can you go to the witch doctor then?”
“Is it a sin for a woman to wear pants to church?”
“Can a person with tattoo’s be saved?”
“Can you have so many sins that God won’t forgive you?”

But the joy came after we finished for the night and one of the young ladies took me aside and said: “After what you said, I’m scared. Would you pray with me to accept Christ?” For me, there aren’t many life’s experiences that compare with praying with someone wanting to repent and follow the Lord.

From her questioning it was clear that she and her family had been involved with Voodoo while claiming to be Christians. Her name is Manoushca, please pray that her faith grows strong and that her life is remembered by her walk with our Lord.

Night two was similar to night number one. We met in a fairly small common room in our Team House where there are metal security doors on two sides that people can see and hear through. I gave each of the bible study group a bible in Creole and had them look up the verses as I shared them. It was the first bible any of them have ever received and they were very excited. I gave them an assignment over the weekend to read as much of Mathew as they could. It will be interesting to see how far they get.

After the bible study was over, Krystella came to me and said that she was seeing demons in her sleep and sometimes on the streets at night. She was afraid. I assured her that if she were truly following the Lord that she had nothing to fear as the demons have no power over her. After questioning her I felt comfortable that she was following Christ. I told her to send them away in Jesus name. She seemed excited to do that. Stay tuned to find out if she is successful in ridding herself of the demons.

I was surprised to see that more people were standing at the doors listening in than there were seated around the table in our small room. It has been evident to me for years that Haitians truly thirst for the truth and often grasp it when they hear it. May the Lord open the eyes and ears of those listening at the door also. May they knock at His door, be invited in and find Christ’s joy there.

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