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Threads of Blessing’s Big Return!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


In June we gathered up 42 hand-embroidered works of art and returned to the states to test the market!  The team that worked together in January hosting our first workshop in Haiti knew we had some ‘Rock Stars’ that were capable of creating exquisite works of art.  By June we were blown away by what the ladies were doing.  Designing their own pieces, having their husbands or children design some, or seeking out friends who are artists has allowed them to create cultural pieces.  Our goal at Threads of Blessing is to have their work preserve their cultural folklore and show the indigenous lifestyle of the people.

So many of the pieces represented the farmer plowing his field and tending his farm animals.  Others showed ladies grinding coffee, children playing, men fishing, and colorful pictures of their village.  It has been a joy beyond words to express the love we have for these ladies and their desire to work hours, 150 to 200, to create their pieces.




The village has been transformed by the excitement of these ladies for the opportunity to have a chance to work and produce a product that will sell and provide income for their families.  Their self-esteem and pride in creating something beautiful radiates from their faces.

Many of our friends and family members in the states have fallen in love with their pieces and have bought them for their homes or for gifts.


As of today, 36 of the 42 pieces have been purchased and our prayer is that the remaining 6 will be sold by the time we head back Wednesday, August 5th.

At this point we will be taking $1570 back to the ladies whose pieces have sold.  For some, their one piece that has sold will help feed their family for a month or pay for school for 2 months for their child.


This wonderful lady is planning to fill her wall with pieces from the village. What a great idea and a beautiful way to support these women!

We are not only appreciative of your monetary support but we cherish your prayers for our time in Haiti.  If we only teach them how to embroidery and help to market their work but do not share the gospel and disciple the new converts then there is no eternal value in our work.  Pray our hearts will break for the hearts of the people and the Holy Spirit will strengthen us and empower us to speak the Truth and share the gospel.

God has gone before us in bringing Threads of Blessing to Merci de Dieu and we are trusting in Him to help us continue this work.

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