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Three Blind Thieves

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Last night at the Village, our watchman, Ti Coude, woke from a dream that someone was breaking into our pump house to steal our generator. The generator is the life’s blood of the community, pumping nearly 1000 gallons, twice a day, for the villager’s to use to drink, wash and bathe. Ti Coude ran to check on the pump house to find three men sledge hammering through ventilation block and pulling the generator out. He wisely did not confront them but woke up a few of the villagers to come help.

As the small group of villagers approached the pump house the three thieves were loading onto a single motorcycle and trying to put the generator onto the motorcycle also. Seeing the group approaching, they dropped the generator and sped off. They apparently had not planned their getaway very well.

No one recognized any of the thieves but our generator was saved to continue pumping precious water to the Village. Praise the Lord for his provision of waking our watchman with a dream and praise the Lord that no one was hurt.

As there is no lighting in the Village now, when the sun sets, it just gets dark. Sometimes very dark and flashlights are a luxury that none can afford. The villagers have asked for lighting around the Village to protect them against thieves but putting in the needed electric poles is an expensive project.

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