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Three Ways You Can Be a Part of Giving Tuesday

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Today on Giving Tuesday we invite you to join the work of Mercy International. Here are three gift ideas that will make a tremendous impact on the poorest of the poor in Haiti.

As a Christmas gift, consider giving on behalf of friends or family. When you donate, make a note of what area you would like your donation to go to and we will email you a PDF card with a photo and description of your gift that you can print and give to your loved one.

Merry Christmas!

With love,

The Mercy International Team



1. Clean, Running Water


The Merci’ de Dieu Village in Gressier, Haiti

Give towards the fund that provides clean, running water to the 63 families (about 400 people!) in the Merci’ de Dieu {Thanks to God} Village. The gift of clean, running water in their home is one the families treasure and cherish.

200 monthly to cover the entire expense, or a gift of any amount.


2. Food For Children


Dr. John with one of the little girls in the Feeding Program

Give the gift of a meal to poor children in rural Haiti. Everyday, these children are guaranteed a good meal. Fight hunger by giving the gift of food.

200 monthly to cover the entire program, or a gift of any amount.


3. Always Ready Fund


We gave an unexpected gift for food to this dear woman in rural Haiti, who still suffers from severe beatings years ago. Her living conditions are deplorable. Our next goal is to build her a house.

Giving toward the Always Ready Fund allows us to take on special cases and meet emergency needs that God brings before us. An emergency surgery to remove a tumor and save a leg. A gift of food to a desperate family we run across in the mountains. An extra scholarship for a student not in our regular programs. Medicines and first aid supplies for needs of those we meet in rural missions. The Always Ready Fund gives people hope when they least expect it!

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