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UPDATE: Sabrina’s Family

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

UPDATE: The Lord is so good! He has provided the rent for Sabrina’s family! That was certainly faster than we ever expected! We are praising Him for His provision for them and this great news to share with Sabrina!


Her father worked hard but didn’t make enough to support the family.  It was the aunt, who lived in Canada, who sent money to them so that they were able to put food in the table and send their children to school.  So her death was devastating to them also.

Sabrina came to us today because they are about to be kicked out of the house they rent. Rent is paid annually in Haiti and they don’t have the $1,100.00 US to pay it.

Pastor Etienne explained that due to the lack of employment in Haiti, MOST Haitians rely on relatives in the US, Canada or France to help them survive. As a widow with five children, Glorieuse is in special need of outside help.

Sabrina and her family will be in prayer about this matter. We are joining her in prayer that God will provide! If you feel led to contribute to Gorieuse’s rent, please let us know. We would love to be able to help this family.

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