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Water Well for the Village!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

One of the first things we put in the village was a well. We placed it at the highest point on the property as we use gravity to send the water down to each individual home’s water tank and from there to their showers and toilets.

Placing the well on the high point has created a problem also. Our well provides sufficient water during the rainy season. It is the dry season now and we cannot pump enough water to provide the needs of each home. Families now have to walk two or three miles to a water source, fill a five gallon bucket and walk back with the water on their heads. This task is almost always given to the women or children in the home. It is hot and back breaking work and I marvel at their ability to carry such a heavy load so far. Without spilling it!!

What we need to supplement our water source during the dry season (or any time our system breaks down) is a hand pump well in the valley, at the base of the hill. Then there will be water close by for the community surrounding our village and water during the dry season and during break downs for our village.

A hand pump well will cost $6,700.00. I’d love to put one in before I head back to the states on this trip. If you are willing to help with any amount, please go to our web site or mail it to:

Mercy International, Inc.

100 West Hosack

Boerne, Texas 78006

Hopefully you can imagine the excitement on every ones face as they receive water in their village for the first time!!

Thank you so very much.

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