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We Gave Away Another Home Today

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

We were told that one of our best workers was living in a tent, so Cliff and I went to check it out. It wasn’t really a tent but a few tarps wrapped around some sticks. The floor was dirt and turns to mud when it rains. See the attached picture. The young couple have three children but because they couldn’t provide for them they sent their oldest two away to a relative who lives a long way away.

When we told them they were to receive a home, they were very excited. The father said “Now we can get our two children back!” The mother reminded me that about a year ago we had treated their baby for a fever and given them some food for its malnutrition. She praised God for her new home and that her baby was spared.

After we gave God the glory, they walked through their new home and prepared to move in the next day.

It’s part of what keeps bringing us back, serving those who love the Lord.

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