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What is Chikungunya fever??

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The rainy season has always brought troubles for the Haitian people, including malaria, and in recent years, deadly cholera. Now there’s a new outbreak spreading across the country: Chikungunya fever, better known as “Chik fever”.

The name Chikungunya means “to become contorted” or “to bend up” because the pain caused by the virus is so intense that all you can do is hold your aching joints and wait for it to be over. Haitians have adopted the name kraze le zo or “breaking bone” in Creole.

Our clinic in the village has been stretched to meet the overwhelming need. Thankfully however, we received funding for medicines that should see us through this epidemic, Lord willing.

There is no anti-viral treatment for Chikungunya fever, and no vaccine, but one can treat the symptoms. While rarely fatal with proper treatment, many Haitians don’t have access to or can’t afford reliable healthcare, putting them at risk for severe dehydration and chronic pain.

We are so blessed to have the clinic funded and in operation. The doctor and nurses continue to alleviate a tremendous amount of pain and suffering for the villagers and the surrounding community.

Also recently, the village and surrounding area suffered a major flood, unlike any that anyone can remember. Praise the Lord that no one in the village was injured although the lower lying homes were flooded. As the water past beyond the village, three walls of wealthy homes were pushed over as the water rushed to the sea. Our new well and generator were undamaged and continue to supply the village with unlimited water.

Please pray for our team as we prepare for our trip July 3rd through the 16th. With the Chik virus and torrential rains, it could be an interesting trip! Our main goal is to get as many of the village children into school and therefore out of poverty as we can for the 2014-2015 school year. By registering early, we receive a substantial discount. We only have about forty of the two hundred children sponsored so far. If you would like to help, you can sponsor a child for $25.00 per month. Please visit our website at I attached a picture depicting what life is like for many children who have no hope or help. My desire and prayer is to prevent as much of poverty and suffering as possible. I took this picture as we drove past.

May the Lord continue to pour out His blessings on each of you.

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