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Where Did the Caution Tape Go??

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

One of the inevitable occurrences when working in Haiti is the disappearance of anything left unattended. I didn’t expect that to include the yellow caution tape we used to mark of the property lines for the new homes we are building.

I was pretty frustrated as I walked to the bottom of the hill to see that all of the caution tape was missing. Now we would have to remark the lots again.

As I was returning to the top of the hill to our Team House, I passed buy our clinic. There on the steps was the caution tape in a very unexpected place. The young girls in the village had taken small pieces of wood cut from the roof trusses and fashioned high heeled shoes with them. The caution tape tied the wooden blocks to their feet.

Their ingenuity to be able to take most anything and make it useful has always amazed me. And today it provided me with a good belly laugh!

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