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Where do I fit?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

“So, Lord, where do I fit?” That was my simple prayer to the Lord as Jean and I headed off to Haiti.  

Why would I ask that question?  Here is why.   My wife, Jean and two of my three daughters and their husbands have become immersed in ministry to Haiti, specifically at the Village Merci’ de Dieu, in Haiti. Together they are involved with sewing classes, educational development of children, Bible school, arranging English classes, providing food for needy children, occupational training, and just hugging on kids in general.

But Alan Axtell?  Let’s see…sewing?  Nope, that’s not me!  Educational and occupational training! Already covered by my girls and their husbands!  Teaching vacation Bible school to young children Maybe when I was 30!  Just hugging on kids?  Maybe a little, but I’m really not the hugging type.  

“So, Lord, where do I fit?!? Just show me, and I will do exactly when you want me to do.”

We arrived Saturday evening and after a great night’s sleep, we headed to church.  I had already heard great reports about God moving in the Village and I was looking forward to spending time at the Sunday morning worship service.  And I was not disappointed!  There was a new vibrancy in the church. People were singing their hearts out with frequent hallelujahs and smiles everywhere.  And, although I did not understand what Pastor Clifford was saying, I could tell he had a genuine passion for the Lord.  

Pastor Clifford and his family live very close to the village.  When he heard the Village no longer had a pastor, he felt God’s leading to make himself available should the Village leadership council so choose. As God would have it, the council placed him in the role of interim pastor.  Pastor Clifford asked for no financial support.  He simply felt blessed to serve.

Now…fast forward a few days after the Sunday worship service.  Dr. John and two other men (with the blessing of the Village leadership) decided to meet with Pastor Clifford to hear his heart and to ask him a simple question, “What are your top three needs?”  

After their interview I quickly cornered Dr. John and the others with him. What they told me revealed volumes about this man of God.  Pastor Clifford’s top three needs were church related needs and nothing about his financial needs.  With that, I was convinced that God wanted me to raise the needed support for this man of God and his family!

“So Lord, where do I fit?” God’s answer was as clear as anything He has ever asked me to do.  As soon as I returned home, I began sharing with close friends about Pastor Clifford’s heart and his financial needs.  God moved mightily in the hearts of several men (including me!) and within two weeks of returning home, Pastor Clifford had his support for the year.  Praise God.  But there is more…

At the most recent board meeting of Mercy International the Board selected two other Haitian pastors to be supported as God provides the funds.  Pastor Wilford and his wife will minister in the newly developing village in Deye Mon and Pastor Etienne will receive a long deserved increase in his financial support.  I am happy to report that through the efforts of the Board, Mercy International has received cash and pledges covering all but $400 per month to support all three pastors!  If you would like to support any part of the remaining need, simply mark your check, “Pastoral Support”.  I cannot begin to express how excited I am about having God ordained, Haitian pastors and their wives serving the people that all of us love so dearly.

“So, where do you fit?”  Just ask, and He will let you know.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

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